Bring your Ideas to Reality

Company founded in 2020 by our Founder Dashawn Harris. Harris Drafting and Design is visual design business that offers visual insight to help you or your clients understand what they want. We bring 11 years of experience in architectural rendering and designing.

Interior Rendering

We provide Interior Renderings taking a floor plan or file and create realistic 3D renderings.

EXTERIOR Rendering

We Provide full 3D exterior rending, showing great views of the facade

Remodeling Design & Rendering

We help bring your ideas to life! Helping customer come up with a design and creating renderings for the builder to understand what you want.

3D Architectural Animations

Architectural animation rendering services offer cutting-edge highlights of your project so your clients immerse in a compelling three-dimensional environment.

3D Floor Plan

A floor plan is usually a drawing showing the design of the construction project from above. Commonly used are 2D floor plans that traditionally represent the site’s general layout so you can grasp the size and orientation of the space.


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